The Art Of Shaving

Morris Park Collection Razor Red


Named after one of the first auto-racing arenas in the United States, the Morris Park Collection Razor combines smooth handling and bold style to evoke the confidence of a vintage race car. Exclusively designed, each razor features a classic racing color polished to a beautiful finish and accented with chrome details.


  • High quality ABS** with chrome-plated accents and inlaid detailing.
  • Light-weight handle is properly balanced
  • Comes with a Gillette 5 Blade Manual Blade and fits all Fusion cartridges.
  • Weight is 42 grams. Handle length is 5 inches.


  • High quality ABS** wears well in a wet environment and over time.
  • Properly weighted and balanced handle acts as an extension of your hand and helps reduce pressure placed on the skin during shaving.
  • The Gillette 5 Blade Manual Blade combines improved blade technology with our advanced luxury handle for an exceptional shaving experience.

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