The Buckley Gingham Sport Shirt


This crisp gingham is a no-brainer. Confidently tackle your commute, travel, or the rest of the workday thanks to the comfort stretch, moisture-wicking, and enhanced breathability of this performance blend. End-on-end poplin is compactly woven and results in a clean, cool feeling fabric. Perfect for transitioning to warmer weather, this easy-wearing gingham will be your go-to all Spring long.


  • 64% cotton, 23% poly, 11% nylon, 2% comfort stretch
  • Imported
  • The Ledbury Quintessential collar; finished with a canvassed interlining to prevent unwanted folding and collar collapse.
  • Double button barrel cuff
  • Regular length—for tucked-in wear.
  • Reinforced buttons with tension threading to ensure they stay fastened for the life of the shirt.


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